29 Aralık 2009 Salı


Always the same lies. First I told them then they told me. We pretend like we believed those lies which give us a fake happiness. We never questioned our fake reasons. We just go with the flow, until its finally over. Always the same anger. There is a wrong phrase about life that we live. 'People change'. People do not ever change. If there is a change, only the names change. Names are turning into another names. Apperances shade into different kind of apperences. Always the same emotional crises. Everybody on earth have to suffer from some pain. Usually this pain bound to the love. We always believe that we are the only ones who can love like this or sorrow like this, and again we believe that we are the only ones who can take it as it comes. We try to hang on. We try to forget the pain that we'r already addicted to. At the end we become such a miserable creature that noone can help. Misery loves company but at the end we'r just all alone..
But here is the thing.There is no unique event,love or moment. Everything that we go through, has been seen before.Everything that we considered so special is actually not that special. Despite of the same letdowns, emotions or the lies, we never have the courage to accept and admit our similarities with other people. We just wait to drown in our anger,loneliness and pain..

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